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GSLG AGM  and Guest Lecture 2013

This event  took place on Friday, 5th July, kindly hosted by the Goethe-Institut, located  at 50 Princes Gate, Exhibition Road, London SW7 2PH.  The  afternoon’s programme began at 1.30 p.m. with refreshments, and  included a  tour and talk about the Goethe-Institut, a guest lecture on German musicians in  Victorian Britain from Dr Stefan Manz, Head of German in the School of  Languages and Social Sciences, Aston University, and the Annual General Meeting  of the German Studies Library Group.  Members of the German Studies  Library Group and the other language groups under the WESLINE umbrella were very  warmly invited to attend. 

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ISLG AGM and Annual Lecture 2013

This  event was held at the British Library on Monday 24th  June. This year's Annual Lecture The Modernity of Verdi's Traviata celebrated the bicentenary of the birth of Guiseppe Verdi, and  was given by Dr Stefano Castelvecchi (University of Cambridge).

ACLAIIR AGM and Annual Seminar 2013

This year’s AGM and Seminar was hosted by the the Institute for the Study of the Americas, and took place in Senate House, University of London on Tuesday 18 June.

The theme of the seminar was the supply of e- books from Spain, with presentations from  Casalini, Iberoamericana and Digitalia,   followed by discussion of the issues raised.

Details of the event are to be found on the full programme and registration form

A full account of the proceedings is being prepared for the ACLAIIR 2013 Newsletter, and a briefer account for this webpage.

For those of you who were unable to attend, our speakers have kindly agreed to make their presentations available on the ACLAIIR webpage.


Cross-Channel Reflections: European Travel and Migration  Across the Centuries

was held at  the British Library Conference Centre, London on 26 April 2013                     

This study day, organized by the European Studies Department of the British Library, was devoted to European travel writing and migration from  the late seventeenth to the twentieth century.   The speakers, who included professional writers and academics, explored both views of Britain by Continental writers and British views of the  Continent, as well as migration within and from Europe.  Areas covered  embraced Eastern and Western Europe, from the Caucasus to Scandinavia, via Spain  and Italy, and talks included one on French travellers to England between 1688  and 1734.  One session was devoted to  research projects creating innovative digital resources. 

To view the full programme  go to : http://www.bl.uk/whatson/events/event140838.html

The event was sponsored by Adam Matthews  Digital.


Bringing the Archive Home: Practical Digitisation Skills Workshop

This one day event  took place on Wednesday  24th April 2013 in the Dr Seng Tee Lee Centre for Manuscript and  Book Studies in Senate House Library. It was an ISA event in collaboration with  the Warburg Institute and the British Library.

Speakers   included:

Ian Jones,  Photographer and Coordinator of Visual Resources, Warburg Institute;

David Jackson,  Digitisation Officer, Senate House Libraries, School of Advanced Study;

Dr.  Aquiles Alencar-Brayner, Digital Curator, British Library;

Dr. Gabriela Ramos,  Department of History, Cambridge;

Professor Linda  Newson, Institute for the Study of the Americas.  

This hands-on workshop was designed to train scholars in the practical elements of archival  research, with a particular emphasis upon capturing digital images of archival  material in order to use them away from the archive at a later date.

The event programme can be viewed here


21st Century Fiction from Spain seminar on Thursday 18 April 2013

This  one-day seminar organised by ACLAIIR, the Institute of Germanic and Romance Studies and the Instituto Cervantes in London, was held on Thursday 18 April 2013 at the Instituto Cervantes.

The programme included:

* current trends in fiction in Spain today

-   speakers: Peter Bush, Stuart Davis and Juan Angel Juaristo;

*  trends in research in 21st-century fiction from Spain

- speakers: Daniela Omlor, Jennifer    Rodríguez, Frank Lough;

* collecting fiction from Spain in UK libraries

- a panel of U.K. librarians;

* fiction  from Spain: the U.K. market

- a panel of publishers and translators, including Jennifer Arnold (University Birmingham), Rowan Cope (Little, Brown: Abacus; Virago, Kirsty Dunsheath (Orion Books), Amanda Hopkinson (City University).

The event programme can be viewed here

A full report of the event will appear in the 2013 ACLAIIR Newsletter. Accounts of it are being prepared for the ACLAIIR webpage and a synopsis  is being prepared for this website


WATCH THIS SPACE for a second symposium -  21st Century Fiction from Latin America: to be held on Wednesday 6 November 2013 in Senate House (tbc)


FSLG event: Friday April 12th 2013 at the French Institute, South  Kensington.

 Translation and Reception:  21st-Century French Fiction in the UK

[Event organised by  the Society for French Studies and the French Studies Library Group, with the  collaboration of the Institut français]

This  event was a great success. It brought together some of the most important agents in the production  and reception of contemporary French fiction, in France and (primarily) in the  UK:  reviewers and critics, literary  agents, editors, translators, academics and librarians, to promote a better  understanding of the processes of selection, translation and mediation, and of  why this matters. 

Speakers  included writer, critic and ex-Le Monde journalist Patrick Kéchichian; the  publisher Claire Paulhan; Hélène Fiamma of the Bureau du Livre; Kerry Glencorse  of Susanna Lea Associates; translators Peter Bush, Ros Schwartz and Siân  Reynolds; Ophélie Ramonatxo, Head of Libraries - La Médiathèque et Culturethèque; Melissa-Laure Mayer of the Institut’s library and Culturethèque;   Albane Lejeune, Elève conservateur, ENSSIB ; Geoffrey Mulligan (editor with Harvill); David Platten (researcher and writer  on French crime fiction); Marcella Frisani of the CESSP-EHESS in Paris. The  ‘case-study’ session  focused on the work of crime novelist Fred Vargas.

A full report of the event will appear in the next FSLG Annual Review, and a synopsis of the event is being created for this webpage.


FSLG and AGM Study Day 2012

 The FSLG AGM and Study Day for 2012  took place on Thursday 15 November at the Senate House Library, Senate House, Malet Street, London, WC1E 7HU.

Speakers included Professor Adrian Armstrong of Queen Mary, University of London who addressed the subject of how French studies academics and librarians can best prepare for the REF 2014.

Sarah Brain introduced the new FSLGwebsite which she  set up  and which is both user-friendly and attractive to look at    (http://frenchstudieslibrarygroup.wordpress.com).

Colin Homiski and Nick Hearn  gave a brief update on the Languages Survey which they are devising to obtain a snapshot of how many members of library staff in the Higher Education Library sector are involved in language work and the languages they cover with the intention of presenting the findings of the Languages Survey at the next WESLINE conference.

There were presentations by Sarah Brain and Nick Hearn on two important databases for French Studies: MLA and IBSS.
  Attendees were able to  view the Director’s Choice exhibition, as well as go on a tour of the recently refurbished Senate House Library.

To view the  programme of the day click here

An account of the day will appear in the next FSLG Annual Review.


ACLAIIR AGM and Seminar 2012

The AGM and Seminar were held at the Taylor Institution Library in Oxford on Friday 29 June 2012.

This year's seminar was entitled: Digital Resources in Hispanic Studies.  

Speakers and subjects included:

Stephen Parkinson (Oxford University) - The Oxford Cantigas de Santa Maria Database

Joan Ramon Veny and Jordi Malé (Universitat de Lleida) – Corpus literari digital   (en español)

Sonia Morcillo and Alison Sinclair (Cambridge University) - Wrongdoing in Spain, 1800-1936  


The Italian Studies Library Group Annual Lecture 2012

The 2012 lecture After a Dictator Falls:The Shadow of Mussolini in Postwar Italy was delivered by Prof. Stephen Gundle (University of Warwick) and took place at the British Library on Monday, 18 June.

The flyer for the event can be viewed here.


The FSLG Annual Review 2011-2012 is now available and can be viewed here.


FSLG and AGM Study Day 2011

 The FSLG AGM and Study Day for 2011 took place at  the British Library in London on Monday 5 September 2011. Following the AGM in  the morning, the afternoon featured presentations on issues facing Modern  Foreign Languages Departments in the UK, and on Culturethèque (free online  multimedia library). Speakers included Professor Philip Ford (Department of French, University of  Cambridge) and Ophélie Ramonatxo and Léonore Schick (Institut français). There was be a tour of the BL's major exhibition Out of this  World: Science Fiction but not as you know it led by the co-curator, Katya  Rogatchevskaia. 


ACLAIIR now has a new web page




ACLAIIR AGM and Seminar 2011




This year’s meeting of the Hispanic Studies library group, ACLAIIR, was a   joint event with the continental European association REDIAL (Red Europea de   Información y Documentación sobre América Latina).  It was held at the British Library at St Pancras and   also at the Institute for the Study of the Americas in London on Monday and Tuesday 20-21 June.


The first day  included presentations of research projects on Latin   America by leading UK academics and also introductions to two major   commercial projects of interest to Latin Americanists.  The second day was   devoted to REDIAL’s own projects. It is hoped that this meeting in London may   encourage greater collaboration between UK and continental European information   providers and librarians.


Details of the programme are  available here.

Details of the academic speakers' profiles and research projects can be found below:

Claire Taylor (University of Liverpool)

Latin American Cyberculture  

Latin American net.art

Matthew Brown (University of Bristol)

British, English, Irish, Scottish, Welsh and other European Adventurers in Gran   Colombia (modern day Ecuador, Colombia, Panama and Venezuela) during and after   the Wars of Independence (c.1810-c.1890)

Aquiles Alencar Brayner (British Library)

Endangered Archives

Stephen Hart (University College London)

Gabriel  García Márquez

Erica Segre (University of Cambridge)

Latin American Visual Culture

John Perivolaris  

Retratos de Independencia. Bicentennial Portraits of   Latin American Women in England


ISLG AGM and Annual Lecture 2011

The Italian Studies Library Group (ISLG) held its AGM and Annual Lecture at the British Library on 21 June 2011.

Details of the events can be viewed here.

Unfortunately, Christopher Duggan's lecture had to be postponed because of illness, but Dr Maurizio Isabella (Queen Mary, University of London), stepped into the breach and delivered a lecture entitled Italian exiles in Britain during the 1820s.

Christopher Duggan's postponed lecture has been rescheduled for Monday 21 November 2011 at the British Library (further details to follow closer to the time).

The date, venue and time of the 2012 ISLG AGM will be Monday 18 June 2012 at 2pm at the British Library.


WESLINE 2010 Conference 1st - 3rd   September 2010

The fifth annual WESLINE conference


Keeping calm and carrying on -  level-headed librarians in a time of financial trouble


      Forza!   Prenez courage!  ¡No te desanimes!  Halt die Ohren steif!


was  hosted by the John Rylands University  Library, Manchester. There was a packed  and practical programme  of interest to librarians and  academics across French, German, Italian and Spanish studies. The conference   included presentations by academic staff of Manchester University's School  of Languages, Literatures and Cultures, and by professional colleagues from  Liverpool and Portsmouth.

Here is a link to an account of WESLINE 2010.



ACLAIIR AGM 29th June 2010


The 2010 Annual General Meeting of ACLAIIR was held in Meeting Room 4, Conference Centre, The British Library, 96 Euston Road, London NW1 2DB.


The AGM was followed by an afternoon seminar  devoted to projects and current research on nineteenth-century Latin America.


Speakers, in order of appearance, were:


Natalia Sobrevilla Perea: Looking at Independence from the Andean Region;


Catherine Davies: Women's Portraits and Latin American Independence: Past and Present;




Will Fowler:The Pronunciamiento in Independent Mexico, 1821-1876.  


[A link to the AHRC-funded research project: Gendering Latin American Independence: Women's Political Culture and the Textual Construction of Gender 1790-1850 is provided here.


A link to the AHRC-funded research project: The Pronunciamiento in Independent Mexico, 1821-1876 is provided here.]


In addition, Aquiles Alencar Brayner gave  guided tours of his exhibition '¡Viva la Libertad!  Spanish   American Independence Movements, 1810-1860' in the British Library's Folio Society Gallery.


There then followed an evening event, held   in the British Library Conference Centre:


The Legacy of Latin American Liberation


Most Spanish American countries have experienced political upheavals over the last century. The revolutions in Mexico, Cuba and Nicaragua, military coups in Argentina and Chile, and guerilla conflicts in Colombia and Peru are just some examples of the unstable political climate in the region. Our panel asked if the seeds for such regular turmoil were sown at the end of colonial rule and as many countries now appeared to be settling into democratic balance - was the continent set for a less turbulent future?


The panel consisted of:  historian and journalist Richard Gott; US based writer Nikolas Kozloff; Nicola Miller, UCL and Oscar Guardiola, Birkbeck College University of London.




The ISLG AGM and Annual Lecture 29th June 2010


The ISLG AGM took place on Tuesday 29 June 2010 at the British Library and was followed by the Annual Lecture which  took place at 6.00 pm that evening. This year's lecture was  by Professor Brian Richardson on Transformations of a Text: Boccaccio's Decameron from Manuscript to Print and Beyond.


Details of the lecture can be viewed here.




WESLINE 2009 Conference 2nd - 5th   September 2009


The fourth annual WESLINE conference was held in   Durham. The conference organisers arranged a wide range of events containing elements of interest to French, German, Spanish and Italian studies: the programme of events for this conference can be viewed here.


The FSLG AGM was held after the WESLINE AGM on the 3rd September and the   GLSLG AGM  on the 4th September.




ACLAIIR AGM 19th June 2009


The 2009 Annual General Meeting of ACLAIIR was held on Friday 19 June at the   Instituto Cervantes de Londres (102 Eaton Sq., London SW1W 9AN).  The afternoon consisted of a seminar on the outcome of the RAE exercise for Latin American   and Iberian Languages (i.e.Panel 55) and on the preliminary findings of the   British Academy report on Latin American Area Studies.


Professor Catherine Davies, Philip Swanson and Linda Newson agreed to speak. We  considered research trends, implications for resources and changes in research methods and practice. A final session looked at current practices in acquisition and selection of Hispanic materials in UK university and research libraries.  




ISLG AGM and Annual   Lecture 23rd June 2009


The ISLG AGM and the annual ISLG lecture  both   took place on Tuesday 23 June in The Conference Centre at the British Library.   The AGM took place at 11am.


The annual lecture took place at 6pm. The title of this years lecture was "The poet as Pirate: D'Annunzio at Fiume and on Garda" and it was given by   John Woodhouse, Emeritus Fiat Serena Professor of Italian in the University of   Oxford.


The Society for Italian Studies Biennial   International Conference 16th-19th April 2009


The Society for Italian Studies  held its   Biennial International Conference at Royal Holloway College (Univ. of London) on   16-19 April (2009).




FSLG Annual Review: issue 6 (2009-10)


The sixth issue of the FSLG Annual Review (2009-10) is now available. It is a mixture of feature articles and news items covering all matters relating to French Studies librarianship. It is an e-publication only, available from the FSLG and WESLINE websites as a PDF document. The editor would like to thank all those who contributed pieces. (PDFs require Adobe Acrobat reader. Click here to download).



ACLAIIR Newsletter: issue 17 (2008)
The latest issue of the ACLAIIR Newsletter is now available. It contains news and feature articles from the Latin American and Iberian Studies library community. The newsletter comes free with an annual subscription to ACLAIIR (£15).


The WESLINE 2008 Conference (ACLAIIR/FSLG/GSLG/ISLG) 'Social Studies of Western Europe. Projects and resources' was held on 1st &  2nd of September at the British Library in London.

The conference  focused on Social Studies in Western Europe, covering research trends and a range of academic and library case studies and projects. A selection of the conference papers are available below:

WESLINE is grateful to the Taylor & Francis Group for their support for this conference. Click here to view and download the full Conference Programme.


WESLINE 2007 Conference (ACLAIIR/FSLG/ISLG) / Institute of Germanic and Romance Studies joint colloquium, IGRS, University of London

'Exploding the canon. From Medieval Romance to TV Soap: meeting the challenges in resource provision'

The 2007 conference, hosted by the Institute of Germanic and Romance Studies, took place on Wednesday 12th September. The conference looked at how Romance Studies have evolved beyond language and literature to embrace all cultural phenomena. A selection of the conference papers are available below:

Further details of the conference programme  are available on the IGRS website.



WESLINE 2006 Conference (ACLAIIR/FSLG/GSLG/ISLG), University of London

The 2006 conference, hosted by the University of London Research Library Services and the School of Advanced Study, took place in London on the 14th - 16th September. Here are details of the conference programme.


ISiS (Iberian Studies in SALALM)
          A new group has been established within SALALM (Seminar on the Acquisition            of Latin American Library Materials) to provide a forum for the discussion            of issues relating to Iberian Studies. The aim of the group, ISiS (Iberian            Studies in SALALM), is 'to continually develop SALALM's expertise in            research trends related to Iberia, Ibero-American relations and Iberian            relations with Latin America'. The group also seeks 'to encourage, monitor            and evaluate changes in the publishing and distribution industries in            Spain and Portugal'. More information can be found on the ISiS            website.
          If you wish to subscribe to the ISiS-L listsev, you can do so at http://listserv.brown.edu/archives/isis-l.html            (click on "Join or leave the list [or change settings]").            If you wish to unsubscribe, use to the same link. Once you are a subscriber,            you can post to the list by sending a message to ISIS-L@LISTSERV.BROWN.EDU            . The list is managed by Patricia Figueroa of Brown            University Library. Patricia would welcome suggestions for links,            descriptions of European collections of Iberian material, and comments            from librarians, bibliographers and other specialists in Iberian reseearch          materials.


Documents of interest


A major survey of UK academics was published by    by JISC, RLUK and Ithaca S+R on 16 May 2013. The survey          covered attitudes and practices relating to research,  teaching, and communicating and revealed an increasing reliance on the Internet for research and publishing activities, with openness  playing a growing role.


The British Academy : Languages: the  State of the Nation. The report prepared by Teresa Tinsley, and launched on 14 February 2013, outlines the  baseline data on foreign language use and deficits in England, Northern  Ireland, Scotland and Wales.

Intute plans for the future - 2010 and beyond

Review of Modern Foreign Languages provision in higher education in England

British Academy Language Matters

RAE Subject Overview Reports

The AHRC's Research Review on Modern Languages

WESLINE response to the British Library's Content Strategy Consultation compiled by Jill Kempshall.

Consortium of West European Studies Library Groups questionnaire and analysis. (These documents are PDF files and will require Adobe Acrobat to view them).

National Languages Strategy         report by Hilary Foottit


Any comments and contributions to this website are welcome, please send them to     Christine Anderson        


For more information about WESLINE, please contact     David Lowe      


WESLINE does not accept any responsibility for the content of any external sites it provides links to.







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